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What Dr. Liau Can Do For You

Avoid Surgery

In most cases, patients with herniated discs, bone spurs, arthritis (in the neck, lower back or the knees) or torn ligaments, such as the rotator cuff or the elbow can easily be treated by acupuncture and should view surgery as a last resort. Often, after the surgery, patients have to go through a period of four to six weeks of physical therapy with as many as 12 to 18 treatments in order to successfully recover their range of motion and get rid of their pain. However, the rate of success for surgery without any complications is usually at 50%.

On the other hand, by going for the same number of visits or, in most cases, fewer visits for Acupuncture and Herbal treatments, patients can start to recover from the above conditions without undergoing surgery. In addition, Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are considered to be natural, non-invasive and economical and they offer a very slim to no chance of having complications. Successful recovery with acupuncture would mean that patients are able to resume their normal routines related to work, fitness or sports without any hindrance. Patients usually walk away with more knowledge of their bodies and how to prevent any future injuries based on Dr. Liau's recommendation.

Pre- and Post-Surgical Complications

Those patients who have a more severe condition and have to undergo surgery often come to see Dr. Liau one week before the surgical procedure. In this case, it is customary that the patients should not take any medication other than prescribed by the doctor one week prior to surgery. Therefore, acupuncture can help with patients' physical and emotional readiness. As a result, patients can sleep better up to the surgical date, are more relaxed on the day of the surgery and have a stronger will and a better mental attitude to fight against the diseases.

After the surgery, patients usually come to see Dr. Liau again to take care of any side effects of the pain meditation they may be taking. Acupuncture is excellent for post-surgical side effects such as surgical pain, loss of appetite, upset stomach/nausea as well as to strengthen the immune system and increase energy.

Other Post-Surgical Complications

Symptoms may include swelling, stiffness, weakness, and/or pain in the areas undergoing surgery. Acupuncture is a great way to reduce the swelling and decrease stiffness and pain, which will help patients to regain their strength and start their physical therapy faster than usual. In fact, using acupuncture in conjunction with physical therapy can greatly improve the recovery process and often cut the time in half. Acupuncture also is an excellent way to help patients repair any complications/damage they have experienced as a result of the surgery. Whether the condition is worse, the same, or slightly better than before the surgery, Dr. Liau has been able to help countless individuals in continuing to improve toward optimal health.

Mental Disorders

In the past several years, Dr. Liau has successfully treated hundreds of patients who have been diagnosed or experienced certain symptoms that are associated with mental disorders. Mental disorders can range from depression, postpartum depression, and bipolar disorder to anxiety attacks, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorder and body dysmorphic disorder. Dr. Liau also has treated children who suffer from attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity, nightmares, autism and other learning disabilities.

Dr. Liau has a M.S. degree in mental health counseling and knows how the disorders can overshadow a person's well-being and she is committed to helping her patients get better the natural way. Dr. Liau's approach is to work closely with her patients in taking care of side effects from the anti-psychotic medication they are currently taking and, at the same time, using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to gradually decrease the need for Western medication. As a result, patients report feeling better, happier, and know that they are no longer dependent on those drugs/medications to live a normal life.

Chemical Dependency

Dr. Liau has a high success rate of 90% in treating patients with chemical dependency permanently: Drugs, Nicotine, Tobacco, Cigar, and Alcohol. Her treatments are far more effective than hypnosis, counseling or laser acupuncture which only achieves a 50% -70% successful rate. It does take patients' full cooperation and Dr. Liau takes care of the rest.

The success rate for treating food craving is even higher, about 98%, for chemical dependency. It only takes a few visits to the clinic in order for the food craving to decrease to zero. This is suitable for those who have an insatiable appetite and, at the same time, want to lose weight.

Athletic Competitions

Dr. Liau has been known to help numerous athletes to perform at their best in competitions and tournaments. Athletes that have been treated are in sports ranging from martial arts and cheerleading to tennis, soccer, triathlon, marathon running, and golf. The goal is to prepare them for the game a few weeks before the event by balancing their bodies within and, in the meantime, taking care of any injuries they may have suffered while practicing.

As a result, athletes report noticing a major difference on the day of the event in that their bodies feel lighter, they have more energy but feel calm at the same time and, most of all, they are able to focus better even under pressure. This often gives them the edge to perform well.

Get Off Western Medications

In the past several years, Dr. Liau has been able to help patients to get off their Western medications successfully for a variety of conditions and to rely on something that is more natural, inexpensive, and with very few side effects. As a result, patients can think better, have a better sex life, more energy to do things with family members, and are free of upset stomach or headaches. Patients know that they are no longer accumulating toxins or doing damage to their livers and kidneys by relying on Western medication for a long period of time. In most cases, patients are able to decrease their herbal medicines within a short period of time since their bodies now have become healthier, more balanced, and stronger.

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Waiting for a Test Result or Received an Inconclusive Diagnosis

Dr. Liau suggests that anyone who prefers the natural way of curing or combating diseases should give it a try first before considering a more invasive or toxic approach. Those patients who have been diagnosed with a particular condition or who are not feeling good somewhere in the body while waiting for the test results should seek Acupuncture and Herbal treatments. This is because it usually takes weeks and sometimes months for a condition to be properly diagnosed and the patients may have to visit several specialists in order to get a conclusive diagnosis. During these times, patients often come to Dr. Liau for their discomfort and pain. Often, to their surprise, they find they have already begun the healing process even while waiting for a diagnosis.